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Protest X Nu Cycle

Protest Sportswear teams up with Nu Cycle to neutralize their waste impact

We are partnering up with Nu Cycle, an AI-powered waste offset service. Our team rider Maria Kuzma and partner of Nu Cycle, connected us as part of the PVRE Green challenge. Together we neutralize the annual waist impact of each of Protest’s employees by getting Nu Cycle will be using its global waste offset platform to neutralize the impact of all Protest employees.

Removing 33.000 kg of waste

Nu Cycle is an offsetting service that allows any individual or company to neutralize their global waste impact. The Nu Cycle system uses AI to track and collect waste where it actually washes up (like the ocean). Then their network of partners upcycle the collected waste into useable materials again. Protest plans to neutralize the annual waste impact of all their employees by collaborating with Nu Cycle to remove pollutants like plastic, glass, and food from the environment. In one year, the Protest + Nu Cycle collaboration will be responsible for removing and converting 33.000 kg of waste.

Protest’s mission is to help everyone ride more and having fun whilst doing it. Protest is there for those people who are happiest outdoors, on a wave or on a mountain. Part of our mission is to make sure we do what it takes to protect the environment. To raise more awareness, Protest created the PVRE Green Challenge to encourage their team riders to think about preserving the natural environments they love.

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For individuals and companies

Maria Kuzma explains: “This means that the worst non-recyclable plastics will be taken out of those natural environments that are most effected by the global plastics problem. Here’s how the Nu Cycle waste offsets works. GEO-TM, one of Nu Cycle waste conversion partners, harvest plastic waste true a community-centric buyback model. That waste is converted into renewable fuel to be used as a local alternative to expensive or imported traditional fuel. Not only does GEO-TM remove plastics from the environment they also convert it into a valuable product for the locals to use. From emergency generators, cooking, transportation and the list goes on.”

Nu Cycle is an AI-powered waste offset service for any individual or company to neutralize their global waste impact. Let's join forces and make a bigger impact together with Protest, become a Nu Cycler yourself.
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